Winter Season 2022/23 - PRICE LIST UPDATE-01.10.2022

Foreign Market Agencies & Tour Operators. CONFIDENTIAL PRICE-LIST - PROVISIONAL (under possible revision by 31.10.2022)

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Dear Friends,

According to our previous Newsletters, considering the exceptional situation of the energy market at rising prices, taken into account the considerable costs for a mountain hotel during the Winter Season for electricity and heating fuel, we are forced against our will to activate the clause that we had foreseen in our initial FORM 1_FOREIGN MARKET 2022/23.
PRICING UPDATE is due to the new different international context, compared to the one in May 2022 in which we sent you the first FORM 1 with confidential prices for Tour Operators and Agencies.
These costs increased in an extraordinary and unprecedented way, as it is easy to guess, do not allow us to be able to provide the same quality service without increasing sales prices.
For this reason we are confident that our partners will understand and explain to their customers the reasons for these necessary price increases.
The new prices are written in red alongside the previous ones that are crossed out.
The average increase is about
10% and our goal, despite we have indicated a validity date until 31/10/2022,
is to maintain these new prices for the whole Winter Season, even if we reserve the right to evaluate future variations depending on the performance of the international energy markets.

Please download here at the link below the Pdf  FOREIGN MARKET 2022/23-FORM-1-HC_UPDATE PRICE LIST_01.10.2022


With this newsletter we are delighted to announce that our European tours in collaboration with Skirama have finally resumed.
Please join us us at the following Workshops-events:


  • WROCLAW (PL)  on Tuesday 4th, October
  • KRAKOW (PL) on Wednesday 5th, October
  • WARSAW (PL) on Thursady 6th, October

Collini Family and Hotel Collini Team: always a friendly familiar holiday experience!
Let’s share with us your next Italian Winter holiday on Dolomites!
Yours sincerely,
Fam. Collini

Egidio Collini

Booking Manager
IMPORTANT CLAUSE: Considering the current uncertainty of the geopolitical situation on foreign markets and the increases in the costs of raw materials (electricity and gas) which do not allow for a stable perspective for the winter season 2022/23, the Management reserves the right to make any  changes to this confidential tour operator price list, if necessary as a result of these  factors described (Possible revision of this provisional price list by 31.10.2022).
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