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The Chef Davide Alberti and his team, will prepare traditional dishes from Trentino and beyond every day, with a with passion and dedication and also a taste of innovation and imagination.
Typical dishes
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From the tasty “Knodeln” a special meat ball and cheese dumplings to the ancient barley soup, passing through the trout and char from the Sarca river, the rustic “polenta”, a local cornmeal mash, with roe deer, the apple strudel and the typical carrot cake.
Without forgetting the “Strangolapreti” a special spinach and bread dumping, and the homemade potato “gnocchi”, the Pork shank, the Salamella Rendena and the Bio Adamello cheese… and the Sacher cake and the delicious wild berry tarts!
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Our Cuisine, upon request and where possible, is happy to to make any changes to the daily menu, requested to satisfy the needs of vegetarian or gluten-free diets.
Furthermore, for the kids, upon request and according to indications (even with ingredients or preparations brought directly from home such as baby food, etc.), it is possible to prepare special personalized baby menus.

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